Welcome to UK Huffadh Association

An initiative with the main aim of catering for the needs of those who have memorised The Qur’aan. We provide the following services to our members:

Taraweeh & Imam Placements

To secure Taraweeh & Imaam placements for Huffadh within the UK and abroad


To train young upcoming Huffadh with the necessary skills to engage with the wider world


To hold regular workshops on Tajweed, delivering talks and leading Salaah for newly qualified Huffadh

Work with Masaajid

To work with Masaajids and other organisations within the UK and abroad on a regular basis


To organise regular national and local Qur’aan events across the UK

Official Point of Contact

To be the main and ‘official’ point of contact for all Huffadh within the UK


Working with the National Huffadh Association was definitely a great experience.  A really useful iniative which I hope continues for many years to come. I pray Allah accepts the work of the association, and makes it easy for them to further enhance their work.

Hafidh Mohammed Amir, Bradford, UK

Often, securing a taraweeh placement can be a stressful and strenuous experience, but the U.K Huffadh association made it a smooth and efficient process. Due to their organisation and hard work, I secured a placement in ample time before Ramadhan. With the grace of Allah I was fortunate enough to lead taraweeh in the beautiful Masjid Ramadhan in London, hosted by a diverse and welcoming community of musallis. I strongly recommend both Huffadh and Masajid to register with the U.K. Huffadh Association to not only ease the facilitation of taraweeh, but to train huffadh into becoming dynamic ambassadors of the holy Quran.

Hafidh Abdul, London, UK

The National Huffadh Association UK were very accommodating to my needs and secured me with a Taraweeh placement abroad in Tangiers, Morocco. It was an overwhelming experience for me and I was warmly received by the local Moroccan community, as well as the amazing hospitality I received each day. I would definitely recommend every Hafiz in the UK to register with National Huffadh Association UK as they will definitely grow and become even more successful

Hafidh Marwan, Luton, UK

From the moment we registered our Masjid with National Huffadh Association UK, we were treated with professionalism throughout. They had promised us two experienced and well versed huffaaz and this is what we received. Our community thoroughly enjoyed their Recitations and quality of their memorization was excellent. We are very pleased with the overall service provided by National Huffadh Association UK.

Masjid Ramadan, London, UK

We were provided with one experienced Hafidh who had an eloquent voice and equally eloquent Memorisation. He had a very good rapport with the local musallis and provided us with an amazing and serene atmosphere during the Taraweeh prayers. We would definitely work with National Huffadh Association UK again next year and would recommend every Masjid in the UK to register with them.

Wimbledon Mosque, UK

We had approached National Huffadh Association UK only a few weeks before Ramadan and were desperate to secure two Huffadh to lead the Taraweeh prayers, as our previous Imams had let us down last minute. They provided us with two excellent and beautiful Reciters for the full month of Ramadan within a few days of our application form being submitted. We are very appreciative of the work that National Huffadh Association UK are doing and look forward to working them on a yearly basis.

Swiss Muslim Centre, Zurich, Switzerland

National Huffadh Association UK helped us to find two Huffadh to lead the Taraweeh prayers here in Los Angeles. We had approached them only a month before Ramadan and they worked very quickly and effectively to help provide us with two Huffadh. The local community enjoyed their Recitations and we would love to work with you guys again for the upcoming year.

Islamic Center of Los Angeles, USA

I joined NHA last year for the first time and alhamdulillah, it was a very pleasant experience. I was allocated to Wimbledon Central Mosque, who took me in warmly, cared for me and made my Ramadan enjoyable, fulfilling, and rewarding through their continuous support and dedication. I thank both the NHA as well as the community of Wimbledon who made Ramadan 2016 a one to remember.

Hafidh Sadiq uz Zaman, London, UK
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National Huffadh Association UK on Islam Channel’s Living the Life

In this episode of Islam Channel’s Living the Life, the presenters are joined by the National Huffadh Association UK, which is the UK’s 1st main point of contact for all Huffadh.

We are the main and ‘official’ point of contact for all Huffadh based within the UK and we hope to provide a wide range of services for new and experienced Huffadh.