Alhamdulillah, it is through the Grace of Allah and your support, that since our inception in February 2016, we have progressed thus far. What started off with just a service to provide Taraweeh placements in the UK for Huffadh, has now evolved to an internationally recognised organisation, providing a range of services, Alhamdulillah.

Currently, we now have over 2,000 Huffadh registered with our organisation. Our organisation operates under the guidance of esteemed world renowned Qari Ayoob Essack (Hafidhahullah) and we are not-for profit organisation. We rely on your financial contributions to help keep our organisation running. We incur several admin costs on a daily basis, as well as costs required to organise courses and events for Hifdh students and Huffadh.

What services do we currently offer?

  • Taraweeh placements in the UK and abroad for UK based Huffadh
  • Educational training courses for Hifdh students and Huffadh
  • National support helpline for Hifdh students, parents and Huffadh
  • Local and national Qur’aan Competitions for Hifdh students and Huffadh
  • Local and national Qur’aan events for the wider communities
  • Female Haafidhat network, to promote excellence in Qur’aanic learning and to develop efficient female Hifdh teachers
  • Dedicated Qur’aan teaching Jobs board locally and nationally
  •  Online and face-to-face Qur’aan & Hifdh teaching

Please support us by setting up a monthly direct debit to help the day-to-day running of our organisation. At the very least, please remember the National Huffadh Association UK in your blessed duaas.

£5 Monthly
£10 Monthly
£20 Monthly
£40 Monthly
£50 Monthly
£100 Monthly

(All direct debit payments are set-up safely and securely through To cancel your direct debit at any time, please contact us)